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  1. Walking to meeting with Randy drinking my English black tea + honey + oat milk.

  2. Cori told me I must try this cremecicle.

  3. Peach was a bit too frozen but cream part was delicious.

  4. I got fucking expensive alcoholic cider by accident at Storm King cafe. It was also huge but felt bit shy to return it so I just drank it all. Tbh, it was good choice at the end.

  5. Enjoyed strolling the park drunk on this $18 cider.

  6. Mark Dion's Environmental Field Station, 2019

  7. Kale +carrot + radish salad with honey + mustard + acv + extra virgin olive oil dressing. I learned the dressing from Cori. Pasta was eggplant + onion + jalapeño + garlic + crushed red pepper + parmesan.

Meme Jacq shared on ig... so on point.

Okay. Gotta go to sleep.

@Stanley house dinning area 12:40am

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