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Received this email from Jon who has been collaborating with me building a solar engine. Really touching and inspiring feedback! I feel so lucky to have a person who is as enthusiastic as I am making these bots that I have been dreaming of. It's slowly but surely coming along.

This was my dinner today. Left over salad that I ended up not eating because I was so full eating this cold soba. Soba noodle + cabbage + red onion + cucumber and the sauce was gochujang + soy sauce + sesame oil. I topped it off with fried tofu with bit of soy sauce drizzled on top in the pan. It was vvvvvvery delicious. I loved all the crunch! The gochujang paste I got from grocery market here is bit too sweet for me so I keep adding soy sauce to the dishes and ends up little salty. Next time I make this, I might try to add acv just to give that hint of zing. We'll see. Beverage wise, I was drinking apple juice from local area and lemon ginger tea. Temperature here at Stanley has dropped quite a bit. I really felt the autumn in me today. Drinking a lot of teas lately. I miss Yuki but also space is good. Quinci and Ruby left this morning so tonight it was only me and Cori. I offered left over fried tofu to Cori.

I also wanted to mention that I submitted application for The Hodder Fellowship... Sending all the signals to the universe for me to get the opportunity! It will be so awesome. I really hope I get it. I will get it. I'm gonna MANIFEST IT!!!

I almost forgot. Mercury retrograde started on the 9th of September, which is the day I started to feel overwhelmed and confused? Also last night was the fullest moon of the year and I had very bad headache until this morning/afternoon. More I am aware of the moon cycle, more I am convinced that my body/spirit/mind is connected to planetary cycle as well. Pseudo-science normally stays out of my interest zone -- but I wonder if it is another barrier I must jump over and accept the part of this universe.

Well, if stars and planets are listening to me -- please let me get The Hodder Fellowship!

@Stanley House in my room 1:07am

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