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Feeling anxious and nervous due to...

  1. unstable housing situation

  2. Lenox hill bill situation

  3. moving on Wednesday... I worried if movers will ask more money or take too long to get to the studio

  4. finishing the work for Smack Mellon... I basically have 3 full days to be in studio finishing up

Bedtime essential. Ear plugs and ebook reader.

New residents Manal and Tina arrived to Stanley today. We cooked welcome dinner again. Goat cheese pasta with Cori's salad.

"어떤 사람으로 살아갈지는 자기가 정하는 거야"

Not feeling like writing more... bit overwhelmed and sleepy. It's nice to hear rain sound outside. Just started raining...

@Stanely house in my room 12:20am

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