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Woke up around 8am. Body felt so heavy as if I was cotton soaked in water. First thing I did when I woke up today was to look up, " why does my body feel so heavy when it's raining."

Apparently the pressure of the air gets very weak during rainy climate so the body pressure increases. I don't know if it's that or it's because I'm ovulating tomorrow. I had bad headache starting from the afternoon into evening and also developed quite a painful zit on my chin. I managed to pop all of them but there is one hidden underneath still forming. I hope it will just go away.

Managed to get most of my to-do-list done for today. Went to the studio around 5pm and packed up ceramic pieces for NYC trip. I also taped tree branches in copper tape while watching Squatting the Palace: An Installation by Kiki Smith in Venice. Also finished the book Green Acre.

  1. Nice view through entrance of the studio.

  2. My "dirty" table. Been making ceramic glazes from the scratch.

  3. Praying mantis.

  4. Walk back to the house. Saw deer family again. They are always chilling around my studio area.

Spent chunk of my day updating all my devices to iOS 16. Also deinstalled bunch of apps that weren't in use and upgraded other apps to boost productivity, etc. I'm actually still upgrading my Apple Watch (taking forever).

During evening time, I read through ARoS Triennial: The Garden. There were interesting artists that I wrote down. Rirkrit was in both Green Acre and The Garden. I kind of want to do more research on him. I feel incredibly grateful to know him and had chance to (sort of) work with him.

Okay, kind of getting sleepy and Apple Watch update is taking way too long. Time to sleep.


@Stanely house in my room 12:51am

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