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Today I woke up and went to Penn station to catch a train back to Storm King. Of course, I missed my train. Waited one hour to board the next one. Had a studio visit with Nick at 2pm. Came back to my room and took a really long nap. Someone knocked on my door for dinner. Dinner was open hamburger. Probably Nick cooked it.

Spicy pasta I made before I took long nap. It was zucchini + onion + garlic + jalapeño + mussels + tomato + peperoncino + crushed pepper. It was pretty good. The story was, I brought two Shin-ramen but once I got to Stanley, they were gone. I was so disappointed and hungry so I made this.

Nothing special today. I made a commitment to stick with YNAB for budgeting app after trying out around 5 other apps. I feel melancholic but also feels pretty good. I took some photos with my digital camera of the ceramic pieces that turned out beautifully but I'm too lazy to get up.

Found this song earlier. I like it a lot hehe.

@Stanely house in my room 12:35am

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