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Woke up around 11am. Took shower and had breakfast. Went to garage after that to finish soldering branches.

Been listening to Chasing the Sun by Linda Geddes. It's a book about our relationship with lights -- specifically sunlight and how it plays big role in people's general health. Geddes talks extensively about the importance of keeping consistent internal body clock, circadian rhythm, in order to maintain healthier life. To achieve this, she suggests to expose your skin and retina to blue ray filled light, whether artificial or natural sunlight, in the morning and gradually cut off as the sunlight dims. She explains how our mental and physical health is deeply interrelated to this circadian rhythm and we must regulate our light exposure according to the natural light cycle.

Today's morning face. Skincare routine I have been using for the last ...five years? really suits me. Some form of cleanser (right now I'm using Eucerin cleansing water + cotton pad) and Eucerin night cream + Avene Cicafalte + Birch juice sunscreen. I realized I much prefer using chemical sunscreen over mineral ones. Mineral sunscreen for some reason gives me small breakout and I really dislike the smell.

Around 4pm, David texted me he was near by Maya Lin's Wayfield. I said I'll start walking over. He was lying on the grass until he noticed me. We waved at each other and he started walking. We had brief but really nice chat. I met his brother and his brother's girlfriend +friends. I got social anxiety to be surrounded by new people (their friends), so when I got to Richard Serra's work, I came back to Stanley. Although it was very short interaction, I really enjoyed the time we spend together. I hope we can become close!

Selfie on the way back to Stanley...

After listening to Chasing the Sun, I got really interested in tracking my own circadian rhythm and living up to my body's natural cycle. I went on a hunt for the app and found Rise Sleep. This app basically tracks your energy peak/dip time, natural melatonin window, sleep need, and sleep/wake up time. It automatically calculate my circadian rhythm based on the sleep schedule information through both Apple Watch and fitbit. I was lucky to have both, especially fitbit since I wear that device religiously to track my sleep cycle.

I have been using daily planner and adding timeblock system within the same page. Quite loosely. The whole habit kept me very productive and overall better mood. Except this lingering headache that I have no idea where it is coming from.

Anyways, lengthy blog post today. Maybe because it's my peak time right now? OoooOo

@Stanely house in my room 9:15pm

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