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I forgot to mention that I went to Cornwall annual fall festival on Monday. Here are some photos of crystals and of the street took there.

Unsure what it is but my brain completely erased the memory of Tuesday morning and evening. I believe I went to bed very late around 6am and woke up around 12pm. The reason I went to bed so late was because, all of sudden, this urge of wanting to download bunch of anime and organize them came to me. It was one of those obsessive urges that I get so I did what had to do. Downloaded all the anime files on google drive and added some more to the collection. Have been binge watching Ranma 1/2 from this day. I wonder the sleep deprivation is contributing to short term memory loss. If I trace back the day backward from the evening, Cori tattooed banana, Manal read poetry to us at the dinner table, they cooked butter squash soup and aromatic dressing salad, I was soldering all day making work. I guess that's what I did. I also organized my studio a bit?

This is my walk to the studio. Always brings me content joy and tranquilness.

Studio pictures.

  1. Found this spider on the paper towel roll.

  2. Dirty table.

  3. Successful glaze test. Looks like turtle shell with orifice.

  4. I love the color and texture combination of this one.

  5. Photos of hand mixed glazes.

Okay -- simple and productive day.

@Stanely house in my room 12:58am

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