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Woke up to Cori knocking on the door for studio visit with Nora. The studio visit was very nice. I wondered though -- is studio visit outside of school always kind of... one direction? Artist to the visitor? I guess it makes sense. It's the professional world. I'm nervous! Regardless of that impression, I thoroughly enjoyed her company. She asked relevant questions and was very attentive to the experience. On the other hand, of course, I was very scattered. But like I said in the previous posts, I am going to accept that part of myself. I'm working on articulation of my work and presentation of myself! Work in progress.. Selfie above is a photo I sent it to Anna this morning. I liked it because I look very cozy and I was feeling very cozy at that moment also.

Inserting through the punctures.

I basically worked all day. I can't say it was most productive day per se -- but I also have been working nonstop. So I pat myself on the back for still trying and getting things done. You are doing great Mimi!

I hope I get that sublet from craigslist. I also hope I get the teaching job at Robot Foundry. Will manifest it! Shooting stars... are you hearing me?

@Stanely house in my room 1:07am

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