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Always heard name Bunny Rogers and I recently came across this piece of hers, Self-portrait as Clone of Jeanne d'Arc 2019. I really love it... But when I set it up as phone wall paper for couple days I noticed it was giving me unhinged/melancholic energy so had to change. Now it's one of Eyrie's print. : D

Second photo is me taking selfie because I wore eyeliner that day. Trying to look cute because I'm crushing on my old friend these days ahahahahaha but it's good feeling because I'm just curious and I am actually happy to stay as friend too... maybe closer friend? I guess we don't have to turn everything into romance. But hmm I do find him very attractive to the point I would want to connect intimately and that's forbidden area for just friends. Unsure how I categorize these boundaries internally with people around me. Something I have to tell myself often is that these categorical orders always change. Whenever I remember that, I feel much better.

Third photo is Marky sleeping on my bed because I have heated mattress. These boys found their favorite warm spot... next to me in my bed. : ]

8:16pm @Kaje studio

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