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Caption for the images:

  1. Sterling birds murmuration

  2. friend's text about having preference to maintain your integrity without being judgemental

  3. screenshot of my time sensitive to do list

  4. love language test

  5. images of ceramics I fired with handmade glazes... love how they turned out :D

Today I...

  • woke up at Nicky's

  • came home and got ready, packed lunch, headed out to the studio

  • Claudia and I worked, went to Lowes, and talked about books...

  • phone call with Toni

  • after Claudia left, I continued to organize studio space

  • received announce material for SI

  • I really like the title Murmuring in blue kaleidoscope

  • left studio around 8pm

  • picked up Jagu's food

  • came home

  • meal prepped

  • chat w Magnus and Anna

  • now Nivea cream face mask after picking outfit for tomorrow

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