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It's 3:22am right now. My tonsils are hurting. Listening to Passion According to G.H. It's a book Thinh and Matias gave me as a birthday gift two years ago. Been meaning to finish the book but time is too tight these days. Listening works pretty good so far. The narrator of the book has nice and soft voice.

It's me and Jagu.

Yesterday, I chatted with dad, Yuki, Uma, and my twin brother. Yuki told me he misses me a lot and he is sad that I'm seeing someone. I didn't feel much except feeling of sorry... Once the closure was made that one random day sitting on my desk alone -- I really moved on. I even look at the photos and won't miss anything. I'm just grateful for the times we spent together but no longer longs for it. It's really interesting.

Anyways... unsure if I can go to work tomorrow. Was kind of stressing myself out thinking I have so much left to do for Swiss and after the bike accident my body wasn't in optimal condition. I might just stay home all day and rest... okay that sounds actually super nice.

  1. song Matias sent me. "Josef Strau covering a Nico song with this other artist Sergej Jenson and Micaela Meise."

  2. email invitation of Murmuring in blue kaleidoscope

  3. Kembra Pfahler in Showboat book

  4. my old note book back cover. Image is from Nillie Mae Rowe

  5. part of Swiss show

  6. drawing on the wall

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