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I'm kind of going crazy. Maybe because my energy level is super low...

Started watching documentary on Kathaleen Hannah. It's interesting so far but my brain is melten ice cream right now.

Below is photo dump of today and yesterday's thanksgiving dinner.

On Wednesday, me and Matias spent night together again but this time at my place. I cooked soy sauce salmon, kale salad, and miso soup. We also drank orange wine and lambrusco. Watched Picnic by Iwai Shunji. Was so bizarre to rewatch again... thought it's important to share it with him becaue that movie had big impact on me growing up aesthetically (he used phrase "formative year".) It's fun to pick up different vocabs/phrases he use... there are many I don't know. I like picking his brain. Night was nervous and unsettling... but willingness to open up was beautiful on both side. Morning together was relaxed, sober, and pleasurable :)

Okay I'm so tired. I'm gonna put these magnets and go home.

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