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Another slow day.

  • Woke up around 11am to pay my sleep debt. Still have 5 hours left.

  • Chatted with Kitty about drink night with Ethan.

  • Cooked leftover pasta and Cori salad for the studio.

  • Went to studio.

  • Ate my pasta and salad.

  • Revisited Korean rap music that I used to love that I stopped listening to after feeling ashamed through the opinion's of Uma and feminism.

  • Organized, planned, worked little bit.

  • Came home. Ate two slices of bread. One with egg and the other with nutella. I have been consuming bit too much sugar lately. Would like to replace it with fruits... I will pick up some clementines tomorrow at whole foods.

  • Doing some at home facials... will read and go to bed around 12am.

  1. Matias and I made plan on coming up Friday :)

  2. My lunch in studio

  3. Jagu shaking his head

  4. Some quote Anna sent me

  5. Post I saw on ig

  6. Cori salad

  7. Yesterday's lunch. Salmon, salad and potatoes

  8. Had beef noodle soup by myself after drinking with Ethan

  9. Vibe I'm going for these days... punk baddie but also softie

  10. Author E recommended

  11. INFJ fucntion stack

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