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  1. My dinner today. Soy sauce salmon, gochujang bibimbop, seaweed soup. Bit high in sodium but balanced meal.

  2. Alternate solution for lighting up LED. Gonna use rectifier instead of solar cells.

  3. Drawing made in linoleum stamp.

  4. First perfect rolled cig.

  5. Enjoying my perfect rolled cig.

  6. Resin dome. Gotta install slow motor.

  7. Large glass vase for magnetic stirrer.

  8. Studio looking cray cray. But I likie.

  9. Aftermath of soldering things.

  10. Yet another perfect rolled cig.

  11. 마루

  12. Me figuring out Jagu and Marky situation for Anna.

  13. Thinking about Matias.

  14. Lunch.

  15. Big fat assssssss...

  16. Jerry Saltz sometimes make point that I relate.

  17. Lunch/dinner.

So sleepy...

Today I....

  • Woke up

  • Biked to studio

  • Claudia worked until 3pm

  • I worked until 7pm

  • Ran into Tim

  • Biked back home

  • Cooked and ate dinner

  • Laundry

  • Shower

  • Yoga

  • Now making blog post

  • Gonna read

  • Fold laundry and prolly sleep

Bye bye

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