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Couldn't make posts for about last two months... Here is the recap:

  • Smack Mellon opened

  • started working for Sarah Sze

  • Yuki and I broke up

  • got exhibition with Swiss Institute

  • moved into new apartment

  • moved into new studio

  • got a e-bike

Most importantly I have my sleeping schedule under controlled now (knock on wood.) I have been sleeping about 7-9 hrs waking up around 8-9am and it feels really good.

I'll try to photo dump for everything that in between today and last post so that I can have record.

But as of today, I feel stabilized, assured, and clear. Weather is beautiful too.

After moving to new apartment Jagu and Marky was seperated by the wall me and my roommates built. We thought it would be better if the boys would slowly get to know each other. It's been quite a journey to introduce Jagu and Marky but today, I witnessed this.

To see them sleeping peacefully together... made my day. I really do love them both! Glad this worked out.

Okay gotta run because I have to meet Claudia at 1pm.

@my room in BK, 12:26pm

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