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Yesterday I...

  • Woke up

  • Went to studio

  • Worked until 3pm with Claudia

  • Had curry I packed for lunch

  • Picked up cig

  • Lyft to Brooklyn Museum to meet up with Matias

  • Saw Nillie Mae Rowe show, Duke Reilly, and Monet to Morisot

  • We went to Italian restaurant that Matias and I met up for the first time one on one in nyc

  • We went back to my apartment

  • Chatted with Anna and Magnus for second

  • Had sex

  • Went to Market Hotel to go see Smerz live

  • We drank 3-4 whiskey soda

  • I danced so hard

  • Got home had sex and fell asleep (both were too drunk to cum)

Today I...

  • Woke up briefly with crippling anxiety of not knowing what I have done last night

  • Had to wake up Matias to ask and then I was able to puzzle the pieces together

  • Felt much better after hearing him saying I didn't do anything weird

  • We stayed in the bed until 1pm dozing on and off

  • Finally got up and had some curry, seaweed soup, black tea

  • Decided to go see All the Beauty and the Bloodshed. It's a documentary on Nan Goldin, opioid crisis, aids action, death, abuse, and life.

  • Before leaving we had one more sex lol this time I had tampon in so no intercourse but I dry humped and gave him head (first time deep throating Matias). He told me last night that he is actually quite vanilla hahahaha I asked him if he had kink. We will see if I can open up to him about my kink. We will see....

  • Went to this Mediteranean restaurant called Miriam in downtown BK. Food was really good. Couldn't finish tho. Big portion.

  • And then we walked over to Brooklyn Music Center and watched the documentary.

  • After the documentary, we walked over to train station. Gave each other awkward kiss again lol I love hahaha

  • Took the wrong train of course

  • Got off Utica

  • Picked up Korean ramen, kale, citrus honey tea, chocolate, and egg

  • Came home

  • Ate ramen and chocolate watched Minumsa yt videos

  • Washed face

  • Now I'm writing this blog post

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