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  1. Sunyu's pretty drawings I want to study

  2. Chlandi figure

  3. Erwin and me at Women's history museum pop up

  4. Marky w my breakfast toast (salmon, caper, spinach, cream cheese, balsamic glaze), egg, and bean powder oat smoothie

  5. Sculpture I saw at some gallery I can't remember w Matias

  6. Robert Rauschenberg image transfer I saw at the same gallery

  • Woke up at Matias'

  • Had sex twice - I couldn't come cuz was distracted by how bright it was in his room but it was still nice

  • Stayed in the bed until 2. Forgot we lost an hour from daylight savings time

  • Went to pastry shop near by his place

  • I ordered chicken/pesto quiche, macaron (Matias and I both liked raspberry flavor), Canele, and Chai latte w oatmilk

  • Went to MoMa afterwards - I'm gonna go back

  • Came back home and started working on ISP statement

  • Still working on the statement and it's 2:48am

  • Gonna help Anna call the clinic

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