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Stayed home all day working on ISP portfolio.

Had Zoom meeting with Dani at 1pm and went out briefly to pick up some groceries around 8pm.

Didn't realized there is so much to consider, decide, and edit to make a portfolio. No wonder I haven't been getting any of the things I applied. I must be more serious...

I am unsure how confident about this ISP but what I can say is... I am trying really my best. I'm trying...

After submitting the application, I want to hermit and make paintings, drawings, idea sketches and have fun planning Gladstone show. Will start to exercise again and maintain consistent sleep schedule again. Maybe good to write down what I can improve next time during crunch time? Be more firm with my boundaries. Plan day to day when I'm on deadline.

I for sure want to read more. If I am reading a text that requires a lot attention/note-taking/research, I'll go to the library before studio time. If the book I am reading is more of self-help/fiction/fun book, I'll read it after the exercise/shower before bed.

Okay order of books I want to finish:

* Meeting the Universe in Halfway (even if its skimming---just finish it!)

* Mating in Captivity

* Gender Trouble

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