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  1. met up with Matias and Thinh yesterday at Essex St gallery to see Sarah Rapson show

  2. ran into Calvin and Junni

  3. took scenic route to Drew's apartment for his bday gathering

  4. met Sophie, Nate, Sam, Thomas, Lin, Mika for the first time

  5. Teak, Tim, Holly, and Thinh was there too

  6. left bday party around 1am

  7. came home

  8. had sex

  9. went to bed

  10. woke up

  11. had sex until 2pm

  12. I showed Matias Newjeans and some of my blog + goodnotes artist archive

  13. he left to go see Nico and Emilio for dinner

  14. I stayed home and researched food for leaky gut

  15. will probably start food diary

  16. made Audrey and Casey some dumplings and smoothie

  17. bought train and plane ticket for moose's graduation

  18. researched Lucy Dodd, Kai Althoff, and Isa Genzken

  19. now I'm going to do light exercise and wash face and go to sleep

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