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  1. my resin piece I've been working on

  2. Kamakura in japan

  3. Dan Grahm show at Marian Goodman

  4. Helen Frankenthaler paintings

  5. Kenneth Noland at Pace Gallery

  6. can't remember which show this was

  7. Baby looking outside from our kitchen window

  • went over to Matias' place last night

  • went out for walk near by park and drank white claw

  • came home and watched Amateur by Hal Hartley

  • had sex

  • went to bed

  • woke up

  • went to diner

  • I ordered spinach/bacon/turkey Spanish omlette and peppermint tea

  • Matias ordered sausage, egg, potato and coffee

  • we went to Chelsea after to go see shows

  • walked to Washington Square park

  • chatted about Chicago, classes, personal stuff I won't write here

  • went to Dainobu and got some onigiri to go eat in the Jefferson Market Garden park but it was no food allowed

  • ran into Hyunyoung in that park

  • went to Artist park near by and had our onigiri there

  • Matias drank Ramune lychee flavor

  • came home

  • had therapy

  • dyed my clothings

  • ate cabbage & oyster mushroom + lemon water

  • will take shower and go to bed

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