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  1. guest artist at Swiss Institute. we made city with light.

  2. been eating steamed cabbage, pickle, protein, and root vegetable for meals lately

  3. walked around Central Park with Matias. had a white wine and ate large dinner afterwards

feeling quite down lately

maybe because I'm ovulating?

or because my body condition isn't the best?

today I'm going to deep clean the house again since I'll stay here all day

things I'm going to do today

  • wear longer sleeves/pants and a mask

  • put on AirPods

  • deep clean jagu's litter area w vinegar

  • deep clean underneath the bed

  • lint roll the bed

  • vacuum the floors

  • mop the floor

  • empty out trash

  • put away drawing stuff and organize

  • wash face

  • continue with laundry

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