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  1. Patricia L. Boyd show at Reena

  2. Reena

  3. my skin has lot less inflammation after cutting out gluten

  4. read Terminal Boredom by Izumi Suzuki at 6th st Avenue B garden before meeting up with Vivi to go to Raku

  5. solar engine Jon taught me

  6. been listening to Lali Puna a lot

  7. styling my Uniqlo clothing differently hehe

  8. --

  9. --

  10. made this dress with fabric (gonna make light blue flower dress, tube top)

  11. other outfit I tried

  12. looking for celiac friendly, PCOS friendly diet

  13. hard cider, tequila, wine, hard seltzer are safe to drink for celiac & PCOS friendly

  14. steamed cabbage, kimchi, two eggs, sweet potato and sriracha for my dinner

Now I'm gonna take some collagen, d chiro myo-inositol, omega3 and plan/read sleep.

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