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  1. woke up

  2. ate yogurt+granola, sautéed kale, mackerel

  3. learned how to massage lymph node

  4. sold $13 amount of clothing at Beacons

  5. picked up seed starter, antiseptic wipes, eucerin q10 retinol cream, cicalfalte

  6. met up with Eric Brittan at his studio

  7. talked about art, Jeff Koons, Dan Grahm, Byung Chul Han and more

  8. went to Jai Dee to eat some Thai food

  9. came to my studio

  10. showed him some of my works

  11. back at home

  12. took shower

  13. going to finish transcribing mating in captivity

  14. will take collagen, supplements, brush teeth, finish rock my religion

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