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  1. food I had last night

  2. packed same food for lunch

  3. went to work

  4. listened to a lot of podcasts

  5. gonna do separate blog post about some artists I discovered

  6. after work I attended seminar hosted by Brian

  7. I'm not gonna bother to remember the anthropologist's name because it was really irrelevant for me

  8. was looking at some compact cameras that can do film simulations

  9. stopped by Willa's painting show at Europa

  10. had maybe 3 cups of wines

  11. met Bennet, Enzo, Frankie, and ratemyproffesor (forgot her name again)

  12. went to Betty with Matias

  13. I ordered crispy duck and he ordered a steak

  14. crispy duck was pretty good and steak was okay

  15. came home

  16. have work tomorrow so gonna go to sleep now

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