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  • woke up

  • FaceTime with 토명

  • got ready

  • went to studio

  • hung up the resin pieces

  • bought two plants from brooklyn hogriculture

  • went to dainobu

  • ordered refillable printer ink

  • Francisco meeting

  • he really liked the jinri constellation piece

  • went to cobble hill

  • ate chipotle burger for dinner

  • met up w vivi and watched the little mermaid

  • came home

  • put cerave resurfacing retinol on face for the first time

  • did a sandwich method

  • double cleanse (clinique cleansing balm+LC foam cleanser -> briotech -> hyaluronic acid -> eucerin night cream -> cerave retinol -> eucerin night cream + cicalfalte

  • will see how skin tolerates tomorrow

  • just checked skin with wood lamp and oil production around the nose and in between brows have significantly decreased

  • maybe the double cleanse and more hydration is helping

  • tomorrow will be recovery night... but if there is no irritation, maybe bha in the morning?

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