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  1. trying out ink transfer on fabrics

  2. this is on the paper -- i should use thicker water color paper so that the paper won't rip or warp

  3. the surface of the paper was too rough and the water wasn't fully absorbed -- to make surface smooth, gotta retain more water

  4. organized my cycle syncing method

  5. end of the world - okazaki kyoko

  6. 물속의 작은 태양 - okazaki kyoko

  7. imagine - makimura satoru

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  10. dad working on his nickel stuff

  11. steve jobs looking like sebastian

  12. new hat to protect skin from uv rays

  13. had throw out bunch of the lettuce seeds cuz they sprouted too much

  14. more lettuce sprouts lol

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  17. i don't even know what's what anymore

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  19. kale, sweet potato, potato, onion, carrot rice gochujang rice with bokchoy zucchini soybean soup

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