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Lucy Dodd

Guernika, 2014

Spanish hematite, Miami rainwater and lavender oil, cochineal, kombucha scoop, Rota squid ink, earth from Monasterio de Suso, Aracena, Rio Tinto, la Aldea-Bejes and Guernika, chamomile and pomegranate from Segura de Leon, lichen from Sierra de Tara, Yerba maté, Rio Tinto water, mica, spiraling, mixed pigments and Tyrian purple on canvas

The Eye of the Sky is always hovering Humming Bird Feathers Fluttering, 2019

Pastoral Peacock, 2015

And Then He Kissed Me, 2021

Wuv Shop, 2015

The White Bottom, 2010

Prince Porcupine, 2018

Cuttlefish ink, black lichen, hematite, tetley tea, tulip flower extract, yew berries

Catch of the Wuv Flood, 2013

Cake, catfish, canola, sriracha, cochineal, joy tonic, red cabbage, miso soup, rum, charcoal, hematite, iron glimmer, iron oxide, graphite, sprirulina, Yerba mate, wild walnut, moon dragon whisker, kukicha, and mixed pigments on canvas

The Flight of Aunt Goose, 2018

Cuttlefish ink, black lichen, chamomile, charcoal, hematite, kombucha SCOBY, nettles, tetley tea, tulip flower essence, wild walnut and pigment on canvas

Lucy Dodd has created a painterly universe that can be understood as a radical reinterpretation of lyrical abstraction and action painting. Her works--biomorphic topographies of random and intentional marks--resemble painted evocations of cosmological and spiritual landscapes. They are characterized by an emphatically process-oriented approach to painting and the use of unusual color pigments, which often derive from nature and Dodd's personal environment.

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