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Rosemarie Trockel

Matias told me about this artist when we went to Hessel Museum. Mary had one of Rosemarie's plastic torso piece in her thesis exhibition.

Moscow-Boston, 1991

Faux leather crocodile patterned Russian billfold filled with such objects as a pill, paper money, a coin, a coupon, a black and white photograph with a handwritten note, a bill, a ticket, a hand-scrawled note, a piece of paper with an engraving of a man lying on a board, small photograph in a folder, etc., as housed in its original box with printed label with title on top. SIGNED and numbered by the artist on the side of the box and stamped Institute of Contemporary Art, 955 Boston Street, Boston Mass 02135.

Untiled, 1994

Teeny j, 2022

3-colored screen print on Somerset cotton paper, framed 90 x 70 cm

Children's Carpet, 1987

Pattern is a Teacher, 2011

Untitled, 2005

Wood, paint, fake hair, fabric, metal, plastic

Untitled, 2002

Wool (patchwork) on canvas

Childless Figure, 1970/2011

Mixed media

NoCaps, 2020

Aluminum mesh, baseball cap

Sigi gegen dicke Frau, 2000


Untitled, 1993

Living Means to Appreciate Your Mother Nude, 2002

Wette gegen sich selbst, 2005

Miss Wanderlust, 2002

Gewohnheitstier 2, 1990

Untitled, 2002

Deliquescence of the Mother, 2010

Night Origami, 2008

Knit paintings

Cluster II - Prisoner of Yourself, 2015

19 digital prints on alu dibond

Cluster III - Death, so adjustable, 2015

30 digital prints on alu dibond

Cluster VI: Door Ajar, 2021

Digital prints on paper mounted on forex, metal frame

Angel in me, 2008

Mixed media

My Dear Colleagues, 1986

Wool (red-white), plastics

Untitled, 2002

Natural Philosophy Dispute, 1993

Mixed media on paper

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